Zodiac signs who lack Empathy

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1.) Aries

An Aries has a severe lack of empathy. Whatever is going on around them, he or she appears unaffected.

1.) Aries

They never give a thought to what others may be going through because they have the belief that everyone reaps what they sow. As no one offered them assistance when they were in need, they don't believe in helping others.

2.) Capricorn

Even Capricorns lack empathy. They frequently like being cruel. A Capricorn who thinks everyone is on their own in this Man vs. Man world has never heard of empathy. You shouldn't anticipate anything from a Capricorn, even if your life is in peril.

3.) Taurus

Over time, a Taurus has given up on empathy. They lack empathy because of what they have endured throughout their entire lives.

3.) Taurus

They just care about themselves and those who are close to them. Taurus won't purposefully damage you, but they also won't come to your aid if you are in need.

4.) Sagittarius

In addition, a Sagittarius lacks empathy. Even though they don't show it, they frequently lack concern for other people. These are not the ones who would forego their own happiness in order to aid those in need.

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