zodiac sign who is the smartest


Aquarius is inventive and seeks to better society via their ideas. As an air sign governed by Uranus, Aquarius is characterised by its ability to be profoundly analytical, imaginative, and receptive.


This sign has unparalleled practical intelligence; Virgo has a bright, inquisitive intellect and a strong work ethic.


Gemini is versatile, inquisitive, and the zodiac's quickest thinker. Due to the fact that this sign is controlled by Mercury, the planet of thought and communication, these are Gemini's best abilities!


As a water sign governed by Pluto, the planet of change and secrecy, Scorpio's intelligence is founded on their perceptiveness and ability to decipher minute information.


As the most intellectual and level-headed of the fire signs, Sagittarius is able to detach themselves from their emotions and think analytically.


Capricorn, being a cardinal earth sign, is both ambitious and a competent planner; they have self-control, a strong work ethic, and intellect, and are seldom rash.

The Capricorn's calm and measured thinking enables them to carefully consider every option and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Saturn, the planet of duty and power, rules Capricorn. Their methodical approach to thought makes them one of the most formidable zodiac signs.

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