zodiac sign, the ideal alcoholic beverage for you

1. Aries:  Vodka

Like vodka, you enjoy having a good time and bringing the party with you wherever you go. After all, a party wouldn't exist without either of you or vodka.

2. Taurus:  Cognac

Cognac is the ideal beverage for you because you can enjoy it both when lounging on the sofa and having a good time at a club. That is exactly as mellow, cool, and lovely as you are!

3. Gemini: Tequila

You're a real tornado who can be absolutely irrational at times and another level of hilarious at others. Each of these personalities are made more playable by tequila.

4. Cancer:  Irish Cream

Much like Irish Cream needs to be enjoyed with the closest ones, you want to hang out with your closest friends and family. You have the same warming and welcoming effect on people that this type of booze does.

5. Leo:  Whiskey

One of the most outspoken signals, you don't mind being the centre of attention. At first, neither you nor the other person knows how to open out to the other.

6. Virgo:  Gin

You prefer to maintain a refined air. You need a drink that exudes that vibe since you realise that drinking doesn't have to be reserved for the very young or only college males.

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