Zodiac Sign Pairs Most Likely To Have A Sibling Rivalry

This is especially true if you belong to one of the three zodiac couples most prone to sibling rivalry.

Gemini & Pisces

According to Stardust, Geminis are "motivated by their individuality," but Pisces despise being ignored.

Gemini sometimes views Pisces as the annoying younger sister that follows them around.

Leo & Capricorn

Leo and Capricorn are likely to develop a sibling rivalry because to their shared need for recognition and admiration.

Additionally, they pursue success in completely different ways, making it difficult to comprehend one another.

Taurus and Aquarius are fundamentally unlike, making it difficult for them to see eye to eye.

Taurus & Aquarius

Stardust explains, "Aquarius is recognised for their desire for independence, whereas Taurus wants to feel comfortable and productive."

Taurus is typically agitated by Aquarius because of their adaptable ways of living.

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