Zodiac Sign Least Likely to Divorce

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Aquarius is the sign that is least likely to get married because of their more independent character. This sign is eager to leave any circumstance that makes them feel little and inhibits them from being their most distinctive, particular selves.


Sagittarius doesn't like traditional committed partnerships since they need to be able to change their minds, travel to a different country, or buy a one-way ticket without knowing when they will return.


Pisces are highly sensitive and have a difficult time handling disagreement, but they also want a profound emotional connection with their mates.


"This sign will likely lean into their tendency to escape and walk away from the marriage" if the partnership doesn't work out.


The "social butterfly of the zodiac," Gemini is one of the signs. Thus, they require regular stimulation and flexibility. When do they get bored? Onto the following they go.


There is no denying that Aries people are fiercely independent, which is wonderful, but their enthusiasm may also create a tumultuous relationship dynamic. Aries requires a partner who won't attempt to limit them.


Leos merely want to enjoy themselves and express themselves. They will quit if things get "too serious, darken their light, or no longer bring them joy in life." In general, Leos are born to shine.


Tauruses are practical by nature, which influences how they interact with others. They can be obstinate, carefree, and endearing, but they want a connection that will stand the test of time.


"The partnership has an intense and all-in energy once they commit." When they are betrayed though? They will leave right away and there is no turning back.


Virgos are notorious for being perfectionists when it comes to both themselves and other people, but they are also deeply committed to their own personal development.


"Virgos will utilise their partnership as a stimulus for personal development and as a chance to mend emotional and mental scars," says astrology.com. They become partners who are more eager to make things work.


In all facets of their existence, Capricorns are dedicated to putting in the effort. Before ending a relationship, they "will do whatever it takes." They are aware that trust and respect must be maintained in order for a relationship to last.


Cancers have a reputation for being nurturing. They are eager to put aside their own demands in favour of others and desire to feel comfortable with their companion.


The pursuit of harmony and maintaining peace are priorities for Libras. Although Libra's practical air energy makes them cautious about entering into committed relationships, they actually thrive in partnerships.


Nonetheless, there is something about Libras that makes them like a good love tale, no matter how corny. This sign is the one that has the most likelihood of continuing their relationship.

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