zodiac sign & ice-cream flavours

1. Cancer

You can always find ice cream in their freezer. You'll notice that they include flavours like vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate.

2. Aries

You have a variety of flavours to choose from, including pears, black sesame, and blue cheese. Green Tea is another option, and since they're all about cleanliness, they prefer to drink it in a cup.

3. Virgo

A Virgo is more likely to choose something nutritious. You're most likely going to pick a tangy frozen yoghurt as one choice.

3. Virgo

You may observe them rewarding and pampering themselves with a delectable cone of pricey ice cream after they successfully finish a task.

4. Taurus

The flavour they may choose is either chocolate or caramel. Most likely, they'll choose a lovely waffered cone filled with nuts and crackers.

5. Leo

Leo take at least 2-3 scoops if they are going in. In addition, they prefer to top their ice cream with various toppings including chocolate sauce, crackers, and chopped fruits.

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6. Gemini

When there are several alternatives presented to Geminis, they frequently become overwhelmed. Their flavour preferences tend to be straightforward.

6. Gemini

Ensure that they might sample virtually all of the flavours on offer and then get more perplexed. You will often observe them savouring the most well-liked flavour because they detest the thought of missing out on any flavours.

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