You're Making 9 Walking Mistakes

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Poor posture

Hunched shoulders and backs strain muscles and joints. Keep your head and spine aligned when walking.


 Long strides cause inefficient walking and joint tension. Instead, walk comfortably with your arms swinging.

Neglecting arm swing

 Walking with proper arm movement aids balance and coordination. Swing your arms naturally to match your opposing leg.

Stiff ankles

Walking with stiff ankles reduces range of motion and can cause knee, hip, and foot issues. Improve ankle mobility to walk smoothly.

Incorrect foot strike

Many people injure themselves unnecessarily because they land on their heels when walking. Midfoot strikes equally distribute impact.


Insufficient warm-up

Like any physical exercise, a lengthy or strenuous walk requires a warm-up. To warm up, stretch lightly.


Walking the same path every day might get boring and slow you down. Explore new routes, speed up, or add fast walking or jogging intervals to your walking regimen.

Wearing poor footwear

Unsupportive or ill-fitting shoes can cause blisters, pain, and foot issues. Buy cushioned, arch-supporting walking shoes.

Neglecting recovery

Walking is low-impact, yet your body needs to recover. To avoid overuse injuries, take rest days or walk less when you're tired.

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