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Worst Lifestyle Habits Causing Constipation

Lack of fiber

 Fiber bulks up stool and promotes bowel movements, therefore a low-fiber diet might induce constipation.

Not drinking enough water

Water keeps your stool soft. Constipation may result from dehydration because the stool becomes firm and difficult to pass.

Sedentary lifestyle

Inactivity might induce constipation. Regular exercise may aid in regular bowel motions by stimulating the muscles of the digestive system.

Ignoring urge to go

 It's crucial to go when you need to. Constipation, in which stools grow harder and more difficult to pass, may result from ignoring the urge.


Eating a lot of processed meals

Low-fiber, high-fat processed foods may cause constipation. They may also include preservatives that upset your stomach.


Alcohol dehydrates and causes constipation. It may also cause constipation since it slows down the digestive system.


 Stress may cause constipation. Cortisol levels rise in a stressed body, and this hormone has been shown to inhibit digestion.

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