Why Is My Dog Afraid of the Dark?

Does your dog become nervous when the lights are turned off, whether it's for a sleep, at night, or just to conserve energy?

You could have a decent explanation for why your dog would be scared of the dark if you combine separation anxiety with dark areas.

Separation Anxiety

Although you don't have to leave every light on in the house, do so in the areas where your pet spends the most of their time.

This does not need you to leave on every light in the house, but you should do so in the areas where your pet spends the most time.

Bad Vision

Low or no light might make their vision even less predictable, allowing them to collide with objects, fall, or sustain other injuries.

If you have a rescue dog who appears to be terrified of the dark, the reason may lie in the dog's history.

Previous Trauma

It is possible that they were separated from their canine family at an early age or had a traumatic occurrence.

Consider leaving a light on and providing your pet with comfort goods and reassurance. Nightlights may reduce your dog's fearfulness.

Health Conditions

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