What your self care ritual should be based on your zodiac sign


You need something that will allow you to temporarily slow down and step away from the hectic pace of the outside world. You need something that will help you feel calmer and more focused before heading back to the grind and reality again.


For you, exercising is the essence of self-care. Join a dancing class or any enjoyable activity you know you'll like.


You should focus on taking care of your hands and feet because you spend the majority of your time using them for work. Your ideal self-care regimen is a hand/foot massage with the best essential oils.


For you, Aquarius, self-care is mostly about engaging in learning activities with a group of individuals you are connected to.


For you, love and caring = chocolate or anything delicious. It doesn't take much to help you unwind; all you need to do is indulge in a decadent chocolate dessert, light a fragrant candle, and relax while listening to calming music.


You love both music and the outdoors, lounging in a chair while reading a good book or listening to music while in a park are the only options. Nothing brings you more happiness than exercising your creative muscles.

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For you, Leo, self-care is all about putting an emphasis on the good and getting rid of the bad.


You simply want to unwind, talk about what's bugging you, and hash things out with a good buddy while getting some kind remarks to stroke your ego.


You often have a tendency to become quite stressed out. Your strategy for coping with it, maintaining your composure, and practising self-care is to make an effort to think positively throughout the day. You can always stay on track by thinking and speaking positively.


For you, good interactions and mental health are the cornerstones of self-care. With the few individuals you are close to, you want to relax and be yourself with them. For you, Scorpio, talking things out is quite healing.


For you, getting rid of clutter is the ideal method to keep your head in order while also getting rid of extra things.


 Your kind of self care includes simple yet commonplace things like clean linens, a pleasant-smelling home, and lots of relaxation afterward.


For you, self-care is all about treating yourself to a holiday somewhere new. Simply leave on a solitary journey where you may unwind, let loose, and explore uncharted territory. A new environment means a new mindset for you.


You take care of yourself by having fun. The ideal way to spend time is to go out and meet up with your friends over a few drinks, some nibbles, and simply to have fun.

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