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What to Eat Before Bed to Sleep Well


Kiwis' serotonin and antioxidants help sleep. Serotonin and antioxidants induce sleep. Vitamin C-rich fuzzy fruits are digestible. Immune, cardiac, and digestive health improve.

Tart cherries

Sour cherries and juice contain melatonin, which controls sleep. Tryptophan, a serotonin precursor, aids sleep. Recommends freezing and blending tart cherries.


Nuts are heavy in protein and fat, therefore she cautions against feeding a whole cup. Walnuts and almonds, which contain natural melatonin and magnesium, may improve sleep.


Popping your own popcorn can fulfill chip cravings, unlike pre-packaged microwave popcorn, which is often too salty for night. Popcorn is filling, but avoid butter and salt.



Although many people find that dairy products help them fall asleep, not everyone consumes them. Even full-fat yogurt is digestible. Tryptophan induces sleep.

Green bananas

 The banana is still starchy, which is good for gut flora and sleep. She recommends firm bananas with a hint of yellow in the middle. It won't assist with sleep if it's black.

Hot milk

warm milk aids sleep. Milk contains sleep-inducing tryptophan. Warm fluids relax intestines. Wrapping your hands around a warm cup is sensory and self-care.

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese's protein, dairy, and amino acids aid sleep. Calcium, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus. Late-night casein consumption delays muscle breakdown. 


Melatonin makes oats good nighttime snacks. Oats have tryptophan like dairy. Sour cherries, yogurt, nut butter, and other nighttime munchies may flavor oatmeal.

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