What does 222 mean?

In numerology, two is seen as the number of two things. This makes people want to work together.

USA TODAY talks with Jenn King, a cosmic numerologist, about the number two and what it means.

What does
222 mean?

U.S.A. Today discusses the significance of the angel number 2 with Jenn King, a cosmic numerologist, in an in-depth interview.

The number two is also linked to the moon, so seeing it often might be a message to be more honest and straightforward.


According to King, the number two holds connotations of commitment and family in Western numerology.

Seeing 222 suggests you need to strengthen the bonds between you and those around you.


The call to improve your connections does not end with the people you know and love.


The angel number 222 encourages you to take stock of your wants, your situation, and your opportunities for personal development.

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