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USA's Longest-Living Pets

Galapagos Tortoise

These huge tortoises from the Galapagos Islands may live over 100 years in captivity with adequate care. Herbivorous, they need a spacious outside habitat.

Macaw Parrot

these gorgeous birds from Central and South America may live up to 80 years. They require a large cage, varied food, and plenty of socialization for health and enjoyment.

Koi Fish

 In a clean pond or aquarium, koi may live for 30-40 years. They thrive on clean water, filtration, and diverse food.

African Grey Parrot

With appropriate care, African Greys may live up to 50 years. For health and happiness, they need a big cage, diverse food, and mental stimulation.

Box Turtle

 Properly cared for, box turtles may live up to 50 years. They need a spacious outdoor habitat with hiding spots and diverse food.



Well-maintained goldfish may live for 20 years. A healthy tank, filtration, and nutrition are needed.

Bearded Dragons

These lizards may live up to 15 years in captive with adequate care. They need a spacious, warm habitat with several hiding spots and diverse food.

Ball Python

With good care, ball pythons may live up to 30 years. They need a decent enclosure, and warmth, plus.

Domestic Cat

Cats may live to 20 with proper care. A balanced diet, regular vet appointments, and mental and physical stimulation keep them healthy and happy.

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