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Top 7 Sports for Weight Loss


Basketball improves cardiovascular fitness. Endurance is developed by repeated sprints up and down the court, and 544 calories are used in an hour.


Playing football is a great way to improve your strength, speed, and cardiovascular health, and it also burns around 544 calories every hour.


Soccer requires you to run large distances to chase the ball. In just 60 minutes, you may improve your cardiovascular fitness and muscular agility while burning 476 calories.


Compared to sprinting and jumping, biking is easier on your joints. If you work hard on the pedals for an hour, you may burn more than 500 calories.



Swimming also removes excess fluff. Breaststroke burns 734 calories per hour. Though difficult to maintain, a normal freestyle stroke burns 400 calories per hour.


Running is simple wherever. You only need supportive shoes and a clean road, path, or treadmill. Estimates imply 790 calories per hour, depending on pace, efficiency, and size.


Volleyball is an extremely strenuous activity because of the frequent leaping, diving, and running about that is required. It's a great way to get in shape and burn calories.

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