Top 5 Zodiac Signs Least Likely To Divorce

Is your marriage's fate inscribed in the stars? In reality, numerous marriages end in divorce.


Your Tango says Cancers prioritise family. You've always desired a big happy family, marriage, and kids.

Cancers are carers. They desire to be comfortable with a relationship and will compromise their demands for others.


Taurus devotes most to marriage. You always try to help your family and friends.

Marrying a Taurus, the most stable sign, guarantees a long and happy life. 


Virgos are the most loyal. You just want a good marriage and to support your family.

Being non-possessive makes you a more trustworthy spouse. Trust is your relationship priority.


Your prior relationships have not been particularly satisfying. You are afraid of being injured and abandoned.

Scorpio, giving your lover space will show them how committed you are and how much you adore them.


Libra symbolises marriage and love. You look for someone to love and offer all to.

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