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Tom Holland left Marvel

Kamala Khan—or Ms. Marvel, if you're cruel—is the young, inexperienced girl facing the Marvel Cinematic Universe's seasoned heroes. Spider-Man, please. Spider-Man, move. 

Screen Rant says Marvel is replacing Tom Holland as Peter Parker with a more mature actor after Spider-Man: No Way Home. Spider-Man: No Way Home develops Parker. Kamala (Iman Vellani).

Spider-Man has changed in the MCU. We think he'll stay in the MCU forever. Tom Holland debuted as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War. 


Spider-Man is inexperienced. In Civil War's airport conflict, Peter Parker fought less. He praised everyone's ability and style.

Three solo flicks and two Avengers films shaped Peter Parker. He hasn't been star-struck since No Way Home, leaving an MCU spot for Kamala Kahn.

His constant one-liners amused the crowd. Teen web-slinger represented audience. Peter Parker showed spectators the film. He calls the Avengers' nicknames "made-up names" since most people would.

Kamala Khan—possibly better than Peter—handles these duties. Kamala surpasses our nerdy love of The Avengers and Peter Parker. 

Ms. Marvel's Kamala Khan attends AvengerCon, a Marvel ComicCon. Thus, AvengerCon replaces Comic-Con.

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