This Is What Your Waiter First Notices About You

Restaurant workers benefit from attention to detail. That's how they get your order right and refills on time.

Waiters utilise these facts to better serve you, much like flight attendants, traffic cops, and TSA officers do.

Where you put your phone

When you go out to eat with other people, it's good manners to hide your phone in a purse or pocket.

Your grasp of dining etiquette

This informs workers of your restaurant comfort level. It also reveals your background or industry.

"I love working in service and hospitality, but you definitely meet those people who think they are fundamentally better than 'just a server,'" says Lamer.

Hospitality staff treatment

How you split the check

Your server will gladly assist you with the bill. That's one waiter secret.

"The final 5% of consumers consume 95% of my time. They return the most food."

How you place your order

For example, Cohen likes to make sure that kids don't get lost during meals for adults.

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