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These Vegetables Are Protein-Rich


Soybeans in their pods. They make a great snack when dunked in soy sauce and covered in flaky sea salt. Additionally, each cup provides about 11 grams of protein.

Beans, Pinto

Per half a cup, pinto beans contain 7 grams of protein. Put them in rice, chili, or tacos like you would any other bean.

Navy Beans

There are eight grams of protein in a half cup of these wide, white beans. They're high in fiber, like other beans.



Good old peas! Eating around three-quarters of a cup of these leafy greens will provide you with five grams of protein.


One gram of protein may be obtained by eating one cup of fresh spinach. Maybe not much, but a salad with four cups of spinach is better than nothing.

Raab Broccoli

one bunch of broccoli raab has 17 grams of protein, but that's a lot of greens. Still, half a bunch is a reasonable serving size and provides a respectable quantity of the nutrient.

Mushroom Caps

White mushrooms, or button mushrooms, include 3g of protein per cup. Mushrooms are technically fungus rather than vegetables.

Spinach Turnip

 fibrous greens instead of spinach if you're looking for something with the hearty texture of kale but milder flavor. About 5g of protein can be found in one cup of cooked turnip greens.

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