The only 7 gym-worthy belly fat exercises

Belly fat is a stubborn area to target, but there are exercises that can help.

The seven exercises listed in this article are the most effective for targeting belly fat.

The first exercise is the plank, which engages the entire core and helps to build strength.

The second exercise is the Russian twist, which targets the obliques and helps to tone the waistline.

The third exercise is the bicycle crunch, which targets the rectus abdominis and obliques.


The fourth exercise is the captain's chair leg raise, which targets the lower abs.

The fifth exercise is the vertical leg crunch, which targets the rectus abdominis.

The sixth exercise is the reverse crunch, which targets the lower abs.

The seventh exercise is the dumbbell side bend, which targets the obliques.

Incorporating these exercises into your gym routine can help you to lose belly fat and tone your core.

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