The Most Irrational Zodiac Sign


Geminis tend to consider themselves to be independent thinkers. They never end up spending a lot of time with any particular person and are constantly moving on to the best opportunity since they are constantly switching between groups and attempting new things.


Although you might anticipate a Scorpio to have better emotional control, they do have a fair amount of illogical tendencies. They frequently lash out or harbour resentments due to their tremendous intensity and depth of feeling.


If you accept their point of view, Pisces are sympathetic and lovely. "They prefer to live in a storybook and they love from the heart."


Leos have a lot of burning passion, which makes them fun to be around but may also make them occasionally rather insane.


These fire signs are well recognised for being melodramatic, and when someone feels insecure about themselves, they will want to immediately engage in combat.


Leaders by nature, Capricorns excel at taking responsibility, which is one of their best traits. They are more self-aware, nevertheless, as a result of their constant desire to be at the top of the success ladder.


That a grounded earth sign like Virgo, who seems to be organised and solid all the time, may be illogical, can be surprising.

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