The Last of Us’ Episode 6

We no longer have to wait.

Each week, we'll analyse Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey's The Last of Us adaptation.

The conclusion of episode 5, "Endure and Survive," will stay with us for some time.

Episode 6 begins the portion of the game that is often referred to as the winter segment.

If you are familiar with the game, you know that this portion is stressful. In other words, catastrophe is imminent.

After an extremely action-packed episode with several Infected and a Bloater, 'Kin' focuses more on character relationships.

Now through the snow-covered tundra, Joel and Ellie find the elderly couple Marlon and Florence.

They are given guidance and words of caution; they should not fear the sick in these regions of the country.

Joel and Ellie finally approach Tommy. After a minute, the two are permitted to return to their safe haven.

Joel and Tommy hug with affection and relief after their reunion. Relieve they're alive and together.

There are several allusions to the game in this episode.

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