The First Case Against Trump Is … This?

The country has been considering Donald Trump's imprisonment for either the seventh or eighth year, depending on how you calculate.

However, the general attitude among many of Trump's opponents and adversaries is one of nervousness and scepticism, not excitement. Somehow, all these years later,

we find ourselves on tenterhooks waiting for Trump to be indicted by the Manhattan district attorney's office in what would be the first-ever criminal prosecution of a former U.S. president.

Public sources suggest that the potential case against the former president centres on Trump's purported payment of hush money to adult-film star Stormy Daniels in order to silence her during the closing weeks of the 2016 election about an alleged relationship between the two.

Of "all the legal matters Trump confronts," the potential prosecution is being characterised by leftist analysts as "the least serious and the weakest one facing Trump," "the toughest to establish," and having "manifold" legal and evidentiary issues.

For now, it is difficult to offer a conclusive opinion on any of this, especially because we won't know for sure what charges Bragg's office is seeking until there is an official indictment.

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The people who are wringing their hands have good right to be concerned if this is the notion that Bragg's office is considering.

On the other hand, this would not be the first time that prosecutors have brought what is considered a new case within the present legal framework.

The position that we are all presently thinking about, in which Trump finally confronts the possibility of some criminal culpability, 

but for a payment to an adult-film actress from more than five years ago that we have been aware of, is still puzzling. How could this be the one, or at the very least the initial one, of all the possible cases to file against Trump?

The explanation, if there is one, seems to be that a group of attorneys with the power to bring charges against Trump made some really dubious choices in recent years.

If the administration had chosen to, it might have also attempted to persuade Bragg and Willis to halt their inquiries so that the Justice Department could assume charge of the probe and, if necessary, bring charges against Trump at the federal level.

The former U.S. Attorney in Georgia said last week that Garland, Bragg, and Willis could somehow just "meet someplace in a room together and speak about who has the greatest case." But, all of this complicated that seemingly simple idea.

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