The Color You Should Be Wearing Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Red

Aries people need a daring hue to show off their personality because they are passionate and impulsive. Red is worn by this "bright, active, and energetic sign to emphasise these qualities."

Taurus: Green

Tauruses have a reputation for being obstinate and resisting change. The colour pine green will "assist them proceed towards growth and development while also helping to relax their minds and hearts."

Gemini: Yellow

If you have Gemini friends, you are aware of how gregarious and entertaining they are. Yellow is their preferred colour due to their upbeat and sunny personalities.

Gemini: Yellow

They already radiate optimism wherever they go, and by wearing yellow, they can do it visibly as well.

Cancer: Sky Blue

As the zodiac's most domestic sign, recognised for their sweetness and sensitivity, "their calming influence would always be heightened if they're in the colour blue,"

Leo: Orange

Others than just Geminis use their clothing to convey their upbeat personalities. Leos are the royal and brazen showmen of the zodiac, and as such, they always seek to make a statement.

Virgo: Gray

The zodiac's perfectionists can be rather intense and occasionally frighten those around them. Nonetheless, they can become calmer by donning grey or silver.

Libra: light pink

Libras seek for harmony and want to be at ease no matter what the circumstance. Their power attire is a soft, muted pink as a result.

Libra: light pink

Because pink "symbolises love, pleasure, purity, happiness, romance, and gives calming and peace to relationships," it is the perfect colour for Libras.

Scorpio: Black

Is it a surprise that the characteristics of the Scorpio sign translate into something dark, passionate, and mysterious? It should come as no surprise that the hue of the Scorpio sign is black given their propensity for mystery and darkness.

Sagittarius: Purple

The zodiac's explorers are constantly on the go, whether it's to explore a new place, take up a new pastime, or meet new people.

Capricorn: Navy Blue

Because Capricorns are serious, business-oriented individuals, they do best in hues that reflect their professionalism. Navy blue is chosen because it is "no-nonsense" and will boost their confidence in their abilities to complete the task.

Aquarius: Aqua

Aqua can support these themes since Aquarians are big thinkers who care passionately about social concerns and frequently desire to encourage others.

Pisces: Lavender

"Pisces personalities are renowned for being fun and vibrant. They are among of the best companions you can have in the zodiac since they can make any situation pleasant."

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