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The Best Locations to Live in the USA

Madison, Wisconsin

Lake Mendota and Monona are its economy and hiking and riding pathways. New college grads, retirees, and others love it.  Frank Lloyd Wright and farmers' markets are great.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

This collegiate town has culture, greenery, and innovation. Ann Arbor's startup environment launched Nokia and Duo Security and created tomorrow's innovations.

Overland Park, Kansas

This Kansas City suburb features superb schools, affordable housing, and multiple theaters. Overland Park has T-Mobile, a large botanical park, and amazing BBQ.


Frederick, Maryland

 Frederick. It features remote wineries, beautiful architecture, and a lengthy history. It's perfect for infrequent Baltimore or D.C. commutes. Its rustic appearance deceives.

Quincy, Massachusetts

There are a large number of schools and institutions in the vicinity of Quincy, including Harvard. Quincy's downtown is Boston's largest redevelopment effort.

Hillsboro, Oregon

Intel and Genentech both have their headquarters in the Silicon Forest in Hillsboro, Oregon. Hillsboro, near Portland, has great health care, family farms, and arts and culture.

Roseville, California

Roseville has mild weather, wonderful summers, and short winters without expensive housing. Roseville is 20 minutes from Sacramento, Folsom Lake, and the Sierra Nevada foothills.

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