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The Amazingly Effective 7-Minute Workout

Jumping Rope

Your quick and easy exercise of seven minutes should begin with thirty seconds of jumping rope (or jumping jacks, if you don't have a jump rope). 


Next is 30 seconds of push-ups. You can adjust your position. Starting with knee push-ups makes it simpler. If you're advanced, attempt decline push-ups. 

Wall Sits

30-second wall sits with an exercise ball down a wall. Low legs. Stay put. 30-second quicker sliding up the wall. Elevate one leg and swap midway if too simple.

Bicycle Crunch

Bicycle crunches work abs and obliques.  EMG muscle activity ranked each workout. Bicycle crush followed captain's chair.


 Air Squats

30-second deep air squat. Lower your thighs to parallel. Raise your arms and butt back. 30-second drop-and-raise. Start slowly for form. Form helps squat faster. 

Step Ups

stair up and down for 30 seconds on a bench, stair, or chair. If it's too easy, raise the step size, tempo, or hand weights. 

Triceps Dip

Use a solid chair, bench, or another object to do as many triceps dips as you can for 30 seconds. Keep your feet on the floor to make it easy, raise them to make it difficult. 

Walking Lunge

Walk lunge for 30 seconds. You can move out a few steps and then return, or you can stay in one pace and lunge out and step back to your starting position, switching sides.


Hold a 30-second front plank. If this is too easy, alternate lifting one leg, and if it's too hard, hold the position using your hands instead of your elbows.

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