The 3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Get Married

The type of spouse you are most compatible with or the likelihood that you will get divorced can both be learned from your birth chart.

Consider each sign's ideals and perspectives on relationships when determining when you or someone you know is most likely to get married in life.

Aries people have a propensity to fall in love quickly and become completely engrossed in the courtship period.


According to Newman, "they think they should be married by 24 or 25."

For Geminis who are just starting to venture out and date, this is especially true.


Geminis are typically energetic, inquisitive, and easily bored with their partners, according to Newman.


According to Newman, they take pride in their reputation as progressive, independent, and educated people.

Since Aquarius is so "sensitive about their freedom," they worry that getting married would restrict it.

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