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Spiritual Gifts Signs 

Intuition and psychic abilities

People with this talent may be particularly attuned to their intuition, have the capacity to see into the future or converse with non-human entities.

Empathy and compassion

A high level of empathy and compassion, together with a strong desire to alleviate the suffering of others, characterize those who possess these traits.

Strong Connection

Intense feelings of oneness with nature and the cosmos: People who have this talent may have a profound feeling of oneness with the natural world and the cosmos

Unexplainable happenings or synchronicities

Those with this gift may experience seemingly random events that have a deeper purpose.



Ability to feel and detect energy shifts and changes People who possess this talent may have a heightened sensitivity to the energy and vibrations around them.

Healing ability

Those who have this talent may have an innate capacity to cure others through touch, energy work, or some other means.


The ability to express oneself creatively, whether via the written word, music, visual art, or dance; the recipient may utilize this ability to convey spiritual truths or messages.


Those who possess this talent may have a feeling of deja vu or recognition in unfamiliar settings, as though they have encountered them before.

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