Reverse Image Search in Google Lens

On your Android, iPhone, or iPad, launch the Google app. You may use the Google mobile app to search Google using a picture that is already stored on your phone or tablet.

Use a Saved Image (Mobile)

This feature is not yet available on Android tablets.

Open Google Lens. The steps are a little different depending on your platform:

If you're using an Android, tap Discover at the bottom, then tap the camera icon.

On an iPhone or iPad, tap the camera icon in the search bar at the top of the page.

Choose an image from your phone. Tap the image you want to search for to select it.

Choose a part of the image to search for (optional). If your image contains an object that is searchable on its own, you'll see a circle on the image. 

Tap the circle to search Google for just that object only.
If you see a bounding surrounding all or part of the image, you can resize the box to surround just the part of the image you want to search for.

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