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Depending on a person's birth chart, they may be more or less envious than the typical person of their sign, but astrology is a fantastic place to start!

Scorpio desires power and fervour, thus if another individual has greater talents, Scorpio will feel threatened.


Cancer considers themselves to be the finest possible companion and friend. They are very devoted to their loved ones.


This sign demands to be in the limelight at all times. In love, friendships, and even the workplace, Leo is all about being the centre of attention and being liked.


If a Virgo observes another individual with attributes or accomplishments they want to attain, they will undoubtedly feel envious.


The possessive and devoted Taurus will experience resentment if their lover is interested in another person.



This fire sign is easily irritated and competitive; if they believe someone is endangering their relationship, career, or friendships, they may experience a surge of jealously.

If Aries feels envious, they will tell you just how they feel (and may even use a choice word or two) so you won't have to guess.

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