Most Expensive Woman's Bags

#10. Fendi: B Bag

The goal of every fashionista on the planet is to own an authentic Fendi bag. Despite its outrageous $27,700 price tag, the Fendi B Bag is still a very popular style.

#9. Devi Kroell: Alligator Hobo

Kroell's Alligator Hobo bag, which costs a cool $29,000, is surprisingly functional and roomy—it even fits the typical laptop! It has interior pockets where you can put anything from pens to $100 banknotes.

#8. Gucci: Crocodile Tote

Another crocodile bag comes in at $32,000. This one is made by the Gucci design house, which is possibly the most popular Italian company worldwide.

#7. Hermes: Color-block horse shoe bag

It is said that the starting offer for this bag at the Dallas, Texas, auction was $7000. The price quickly increased to $35,000 by the time the winning bid was accepted.

#6. YSL: Sac De Jour Alligator Leather bag

The alligator skin shows through and boosts the bag in terms of elegance and value; it costs an astonishing $36,600. This is the exotic component.

#5. Marc Jacobs: Carolyn Crocodile bag

It turns out that despite costing $38,000, this bag is a top seller for the designer company, thus admirers of Jacob-design don't really mind the outrageous price tag!

#4. Fendi: Selleria bag

The Selleria Bag was created by another Italian fashion label, Fendi, and sells for a staggering €38,000 per unit.

#3. Hilde Palladino: Gadino Bag

For the $38,470 asking price of this jewelled tote, this seems like fair value.

#2. Louis Vuitton: Patchwork Bag

The Patchwork bag costs a whopping $42,000, despite not being Louis Vuitton's most exquisite bag. However, the French designer company sells a lot of these.

#1. Chanel: Biarritz Croc

The Croc Biarritz, which was offered as Chanel's city bag and was a part of one of the most well-known designer chains' 2007 assortment, is currently out of stock.

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