Sending the Best Memorial Day Sayings & Quotes of 2023

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This year's Memorial Day is particularly poignant since we are constantly reminded of the tremendous efforts made by our military personnel to protect our way of life.

These warriors who gave their lives protecting our country against enemies of terror are emblematic of a people and a nation with a rich tradition of patriotism and dignity.

The most lovely of our national celebrations is Decoration Day.... Shell and shrapnel have transformed into peach blooms, and the gloomy guns have become palm fronds.

Memorial Day shouldn't merely honor war dead. Peace-promoting novelists and poets from the trenches made the world better.


Across the United States, Memorial Day is held with great respect and honor. Those who perished for our liberties and our democracy are still remembered on this day.

Wars must be stopped before they destroy humanity.

The sacrifices made by so many of our countrymen to defend our nation and maintain our liberties should be remembered every day, not just the one day of the year set aside for this purpose.

Be wary of fakes who appear to care about the country just on vacation.

All American troops' bravery and sacrifice will be in our hearts forever.

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