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Best Memorial Day Celebration Ideas For Seniors

Our nation honors fallen soldiers on Memorial Day. We should assist our elderly people recognize Memorial Day and remember those who died.

You should still arrange your Memorial Day cookout—who doesn't want to eat hot dogs and watermelon?—but consider adding some of these themed activities.

National Moment of Remembrance

 At 3 pm local time, Americans are asked to honor fallen servicemen. Consider a brief tribute with a minute of silence and "Taps" bugle sound.

Flag Raising

American flags represent Memorial Day. Flagpoles benefit from Memorial Day flag-raising events. Memorial Day flags should be flown at half-staff until noon and full-staff until sundown.

Poppy Flowers

Since WWI, crimson poppies have commemorated dead troops. Locals make crimson poppies. Injured veterans at veteran hospitals sell phony red poppies under the Buddy Poppy Program.


Soldier Cemetery

Decoration Day began with soldiers' graves. Bus your neighbors to a military cemetery or monument to lay flowers for dead troops. Real floral graveside arrangements with locals.

Yellow Ribbons

Recently, yellow ribbons have shown support for American military. Wrap yard trees with yellow ribbons for residents.

Memorial Day Fundraiser

Memorial Day draws travelers. Help local military families. Donate or make patriotic crafts like tie-dyed shirts for tourists.

Military History

In May, record inhabitants' military service. Interview locals. Collect as many residents' combat stories as possible. Notify families for preservation.

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