Memorial Day Captions Funny

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Had you been a soldier, we would have lost the battle, and there would be no Memorial Day.

Let us honor our martyrs by sharing the heroic accounts of those who gave their lives for our country. Have a great Memorial Day!

Without the brave soldiers who fought for our freedom, this would be just another day.

It's ironic that we are rejoicing when they are dead. Have a great Memorial Day!

Make this Memorial Day memorable by praying for the departed and working for the good of the country.


Don't give them the satisfaction of knowing they gave their life for nothing but a bunch of dolts. Have a great Memorial Day!

They showed great courage, and we benefit from it. Best wishes to everyone on this Memorial Day.

To paraphrase, "On the occasion of Memorial Day, I just want to remind you that one good thing you can do for the nation is not going into the army."

The paradox of today's youth is that they demand complete liberty yet refuse to appreciate it. Best wishes on this Memorial Day.

A day should be set aside to honor the sacrifice of soldiers who give their lives while defending their country. Have a great Memorial Day!

Today is not some random day to celebrate with alcohol. It is a time to honor the sacrifices made by our nation's martyrs. Regards on this Memorial Day.

While they were off saving the world from war, we were relaxing at home. Let us honor their sacrifice on Memorial Day.

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