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Make a Memorial Day poppy

Red poppies commemorate Memorial Day. National Poppy Day is the Friday before Memorial Day. This article shows how to manufacture tissue paper poppy pins.

Donate to related causes

After filling your three-day weekend with kid-friendly activities, save time and money to research authentic military groups and charities that require donations. 

Write to military families

Memorial Day off for kids. Write letters to American soldiers and veterans. Deliver letters safely and efficiently at any A Million Thanks drop-off station.

Clip coupons

Sunday paper coupons? Overseas Coupon Program military installations accept expired coupons. Military commissaries will accept outdated coupons for six months to save money for families.


Prepare troop care kits

Operation Gratitude honors Memorial Day year-round. Your kids may knit summer ties for troops, donate gifts to war-torn youngsters, or organize a community military supply drive

Chalk patriotic art

Create patriotic artwork or thank local soldiers with sidewalk chalk with your neighborhood youngsters.

Attend Memorial Day parades

At your town's parade, cheer on the marching band, veterans, and local groups for the entire holiday experience. Find the nearest parade using a Google search.

Patriotic film

Watch Black Hawk Down or The Hurt Locker to understand these courageous soldiers' sacrifices.

Visit your cemetery

If you don't live near Arlington National Cemetery, visit on Memorial Day. Flower and flag local or military cemetery. Honor our heroes.

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