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May 2, 2023: Love Surprises 3 Signs

3. Gemini

Gemini, please. You pushed and let your spouse share regarding their experiences, and now you have the truth. You okay? On May 2, the Libra Moon will reveal your partner's truth.


They should have kept it to themselves, now that they're honest. Today teaches love. You believed sharing all secrets would be a good idea and that, with all the cards on the table, 


you and your spouse could live ideal lives in perfect honesty, but what you will discover during the Libra Moon is something you wish you never heard. 

2. Libra

Today, you'll discover your spouse's true identity. The Libra Moon has shown you this "alternate version" of them, and you're inclined to rethink your desire for truth. 



On May 2, you'll learn the "real" reason your relationship has always been "this way."
You'll discover you're not the love relationship's Sigmund Freud.


You'll try to reconcile your partner's major differences, but it's impossible. You'll struggle, Leo. Will you support your partner after finding out? Will see.

3. Sagittarius

Your lover will surprise you during the Libra Moon, which is good. It may surprise you. Your partner considers your future. 


That's exciting, yet their future may differ from yours.On May 2, during the Libra Moon, you may need to tell them you appreciate what they've shared


 but aren't ready for that level of compromise. As a Sagittarius, you follow your path, even if you love and respect your partner.

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