Are you still playing Spider-Man, Tom Holland?

Tom Holland's future as Spider-Man has been uncertain since the Sony-Disney split.

Sony and Disney reached a new agreement that will allow Spider-Man to appear in future Marvel movies.

Holland will appear in a third Spider-Man movie, set to be released in December 2021.

The movie will be produced by Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures.

Holland has expressed excitement about the upcoming film and the opportunity to continue playing Spider-Man.


The plot of the movie has not been revealed, but it is rumored to involve a multiverse storyline.

Holland's Spider-Man is also expected to appear in other Marvel movies in the future.

Holland has played Spider-Man in five movies so far, including three standalone films and two Avengers movies.

Fans can look forward to seeing Holland reprise his role as the beloved superhero in the upcoming Spider-Man movie.

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