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Indoor date activities

Make a puzzle

Solving a puzzle with a partner is twice as satisfying as solving it alone. Why not put that hard work in a frame and brag about it when you're done?

Star grazing

Does anything compare to looking up at the stars with your soul mate? Probably not, so bundle up and bring your binoculars with you tonight.

Make A scrapbook

Looking at old photos is a terrific way for couples to reconnect and remember the good times they've shared. Put together an album of your best dating photos right now.


Workout Togather

Try working out together as a fun and healthy date idea. You and your spouse will benefit from the release of feel-good endorphins, and you'll also become closer to one another.

Make a "bucket list" together

This particular date night could take place inside, but not all of them do. Create a list of all the things you and your partner wish to do in life together.

Create a spa at home

You may set up a home spa for a romantic and luxurious indoor date night. Gather some candles and masks and have a massage for two.

Watch a concert

Have you ever seen a concert from your couch? If you haven't done so already, try streaming a concert on your next date night.

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