How to Tell if You're a Super Taster

Using Blue Food Dye

Swirl the dye around on your tongue to ensure it covers the whole top of your tongue.

The food colouring will make the little bumps (papillae) on the surface of your tongue stand out.

Tasting Foods and Drinks

Bitterness is perceived in the back of the tongue, where big papillae lumps are seen.

If you avoid certain foods because they are too bitter to eat, you may be a supertaster. Supertasters avoid the following naturally bitter foods:

Because supertasters perceive tastes more vividly than typical tasters, hot peppers will be exceedingly spicy—even painfully so.

Eat cilantro to see if it tastes soapy.

Cilantro tastes fresh and lemony to most people. However, if you are a supertaster, it may taste soapy or metallic.

If you often judge food as being excessively salty, too peppery, or too spicy, you may have more taste receptors on your tongue than the typical diner.

However, this isn't a solid indicator since it might just be that you like dishes with a mild seasoning.

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