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How to Improve Your Swimming Skills

Compare yourself to no one

Technique is universal, how people use it is different. According to their physical types, people swim and run differently. Don't worry if you can't swim like your neighbor.

Be consistent

Be consistent. Go swimming often. Swim more to improve. Three or four shorter workouts per week beat two long ones.

Quality gear is important

To swim, you don't need much, but having a nice pair of goggles may make a huge difference. You might have to try a few on before you locate the one that works best.

Don't use conditioner

Don't use conditioner or anything else that might make your hair slick. You shouldn't have to take a break from swimming just to readjust your cap.


Keep yourself hydrated

You may not feel like you're sweating when swimming, but it's still important to stay hydrated.

Be adaptable

Being flexible will help you swim more efficiently. Do some basic stretching and warming up before getting in the water.

Clear those bubbles

As a natural aspect of the breathing process, this is something you should actively work to improve. Keep your head under water while you do it.

Look down!

Looking down is a crucial element of swimming breathing. When you exhale, look down. This will assist you in maintaining a steady course while swimming.

Don't look up

To breathe, you just need your lips to be above water, not your full face. For this, a slight tilt of the head is all that's required.

Use both sides of your body.

Swimming with both hands is the greatest method to improve. Balance needs training both arms and legs and breathing from both sides. Single-arm swimming is aerobic.

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