How the first day of spring 2023 will affect Richmond

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Finally, spring has sprung! This is all the information you want as Richmond changes with the seasons.

On Monday, March 20, at 5:24 p.m., the Northern Hemisphere's spring 2023 season officially starts.

The sun crosses over the equator of the Earth on the vernal equinox, or the first day of spring, as it moves from the south to the north. The hemispheres of the Earth experience equal amounts of daylight on the equinox.

The Southern Hemisphere is now in the fall season, and the Northern Hemisphere is currently in the spring season.

Naturally, spring also brings higher temperatures, exterior plant growth and blossoming, as well as the start of allergy season.

The region's growing season officially begins in the springtime. In the spring, frosts and freezes are possible, and they can be detrimental to the entire growth season.

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During the growth season, the National Weather Service will issue frost advisories when the lowest temperature falls to 33 to 36 degrees

 When the lowest temperature drops to 29 to 32 degrees during the growth season, a freeze warning is issued.

The final freeze for the Richmond area often occurs on April 3 or April 4, depending on the year.

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