How Each Zodiac Sign Deals with Heartbreak

You become enraged with the other person. You criticise them to your friends, on the Internet, and to everyone willing to listen.


You get obsessive. You follow their social media accounts. You send them three consecutive texts. You attempt to elicit responses from them.


You instantly seek someone to fill your heart. Text exes. You date unattractive strangers.


You blame yourself for losing the other person because you cannot perceive their weaknesses. You chase them away.


You remove the offender from your social media accounts. You erase their phone number. With them, you delete old photographs.


You are completely immersed in your profession. You work additional hours. You launch more projects.


Heartbreak causes a rut. Pessimist. You'll think everything awful occurs to me, I'll die alone, and no one will love me.


You get intoxicated. You become high. You get laid. You drown in distractions, including fast food, sweets, and smokes.


You get a haircut. A perforation. A tattoo. A completely new wardrobe. You make an effort to significantly modify yourself.


Your baggage follows you. Like your ex, you hurt someone. It's unintentional.


You listen to romantic music. You view classic films. You read romantic fiction.


When you go through heartbreak, you shut yourself away. You shut the door to your room. You are sobbing into your pillowcase.


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