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How Do Eye Colors Show Character?

Dark brown/black

Completely black eyes are rarest. Dark brown. You're a natural leader. You're enigmatic. Dark eyes imply melanin, so you drink less.

Dark brown/black

You're discreet. You're energetic and positive. Tennis may improve. Your weakness is avoiding close relationships. Constant worry.

Light Brown

Your warmth, laid-back attitude, and humor make you fun to be around. Self-reliant and courteous. Like brown, you're straightforward. Help the needy. 

Light Brown

You're shy. You're a reliable lover. You prioritize family over logic.



Beautiful brownish-grey, you are. You're bold. You're adaptable yet uninspired. I applaud your daring. You're naughty.


 You tend to go from relationship to relationship because you lose your temper often and never seem to settle down.


You're wise and powerful. You emphasize work, relationships, and life. Honest or deceptive dark grey eyes. Be louder in bad weather.Grey eyes. Your light-grey eyes may be excessively serious.


Strong but apprehensive, you're brown-blue. Your presence is novel. Your knowledge, curiosity, and drive make you promising. Your kind, vibrant, and energetic character attracts most individuals


You're underrated. You're neither shy nor arrogant. Rarely emotional. You're kind, well-read, and youthful. Best eye color and lifetime friends. You're organized.You're aloof about new things.

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