HIIT's Top 8 Benefits

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 Burn More Fat

HIIT burns more calories and boosts your body's healing cycle. Your body will burn calories 24 hours after an exercise. HIIT burns calories all week. 

Save Time

A research found that two weeks of HIIT enhances aerobic capacity as much as six to eight weeks of endurance training. Hiit improves fitness. Time-pressed people adore HIIT. 

Healthy Heart 

HIIT strengthens heart arteries. In a trial of cardiac patients utilizing HIIT, physicians found that the short intensity protects the heart from overexertion yet improves it.

No Equipment

Running, jumping, and plyometrics are great HIIT exercises. HIIT boosts heart rate and aerobic capacity, hence weights are not advised. 


Do It Anywhere

Like equipment, location doesn't matter for high intensity interval training. You can exercise anywhere with ingenuity. It is not required to workout in a gym. 

 Retain Muscle

HIIT with occasional weight exercise will help you lose weight while retaining muscle mass. HIIT increases aerobic capacity and muscular development.

Increase Metabolism

HIIT boosts HGH levels for 24 hours after a workout, helping burn fat and retain muscle. HGH boosts metabolism and burns calories.

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