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High Cholesterol: 7 Exercises That Work

Brisk walking

This low-impact aerobic workout may be readily included into your everyday routine. Walk 30 minutes briskly most days.


Outdoor or stationary cycling is a fantastic cardiovascular activity that helps decrease cholesterol. Start with shorter workouts and build time and intensity.


Low-impact swimming trains the entire body. It's mild on joints and good for joint discomfort and injuries.


Resistance Exercises

Weightlifting and resistance bands can boost muscular growth and metabolism. This improves cholesterol control. Start softly and progress under supervision.


Bridge position, supine spinal twist, and forward bends may boost digestion and metabolism, regulating cholesterol. Yoga and meditation also relieve stress, which raises cholesterol.

Outdoor Activities

Hiking, running, or playing tennis or basketball may give a cardiovascular workout and fun. These exercises reduce calories and cholesterol.


Strength, flexibility, and good posture are just some of the benefits of Pilates workouts. By improving health, regular exercise may lower cholesterol.

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