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Short Hairstyles for Round-Faced Women Over 50

Textured Pixie

This textured pixie can make your round face seem elegant. Round-faced women look beautiful in it. Maintaining short hair is straightforward.

Tousled Pixie

Another fashionable hairstyle for elderly women is the disheveled pixie, which flatters round faces and adds volume on top. It makes a face oval instead of round.

Cropped Pixie

Cropped pixie hairstyles are low-maintenance and excellent for older women with round faces and sharp jawlines. To avoid seeming manly, visit the greatest hairdresser.



Bold women should consider a blunt box bob with no layers. This round face haircut might benefit from some texture at the ends.

Full Curls

Curly-haired ladies might try this medium-length hairdo. Find a cut that flatters your face without rounding it out.

Side-swept Lob

You might choose a length from an inch below your chin to your collarbone and ask your hairstylist to layer the ends more than the face.

Graduated Bob

The graduated bob is an attractive, low-maintenance haircut for working women. Keep it below the chin for dimension and flow. This haircut suits straight or wavy hair.

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