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Foods Nutritionists Avoid

Boxed veggie pasta

The better alternative to pasta is spiraling vegetables or spaghetti squash, as vegetable-enriched and normal pasta are nutritionally equivalent.


It's painful. Sugar makes pretzels. Many consumers overeat refined-carb products because they are unsatisfying and lack nutrition.

Pre-made smoothies

Pre-made smoothies usually use fruit juice, which adds sugar and calories. A 20-ounce commercial smoothie has 200–1,000 calories, 1–30 grams of fat, and 15–100 grams of added sugar. 

Low-fat peanut butter

they have the same calories as regular peanut butter and lots of extra sweeteners to make up for the fat.  Natural peanut butter should not contain oils, cane sugar,  trans fats.


Beef jerky

To preserve meat, most jerkies are high in salt.Increased salt consumption causes water retention and bloating. Lewis suggests low-sodium turkey jerky. Saltless, it's great.

Fake meat products

Vegan "meat" comprises processed soy protein, canola oil, caramel coloring, & xanthan gum. Plant-based protein sources include beans, lentils, eggs, dairy, fermented soy,  seeds.

light mayo

As with other low-fat products, sugar and flavorings are added. Healthy fat with meals helps you absorb vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Protein cookies

"Protein" cookies aren't healthier than normal cookies—they're merely manufactured, baked foods with vitamins and protein.

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