FIVE Full-Body Stretches Workout

Full-body stretches are essential for improving flexibility and reducing muscle tension.

Stretching can also help prevent injury and improve overall athletic performance.

Here are five full-body stretches that you can incorporate into your workout routine:

1. Downward Dog
Push-up position. Form an inverted V by raising your hips. Keep your arms, legs, and heels down. Stretch your calves, hamstrings, shoulders, and back.

2. Cobra Pose
The back, chest, and shoulders all benefit greatly from the stretches provided by the Cobra Pose, which is also referred to as Bhujangasana.


3. Child's Pose
Kneel down. Sit on your heels and stretch your arms. Rest your back and forehead on the ground. Stretch shoulders, hips, and lower back.

4. Seated Forward Bend
Sit down with your legs stretched out. Reach for your toes or ankles. Hinge forward from the hips. Hamstrings, lower back, and calves will stretch.

5. Butterfly Stretch
Place your feet together on the floor. Hold your feet or ankles. Gently squeeze your knees down to stretch your inner thighs and groin.

Incorporating these stretches into your workout routine can help improve your flexibility, reduce muscle tension, and prevent injury.

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