Explanation of the Gemini Personality

Have you ever been so occupied that you wished you could double yourself in order to accomplish everything?


That sums up Gemini. This air sign, represented by the celestial twins, has so many interests it had to double itself.

Due to Geminis' inherent duality, they are frequently characterised as being two-faced.

However, Gemini seldom hides their intentions. Gemini is playful and intellectually curious.

These quick-witted twins are the social butterflies of the zodiac; they can converse with anyone on any topic.

The 21st of May marks the beginning of Gemini season, which brings in the heat and dynamism of summer.

Therefore, Gemini excels in guiding change and transition.

These inquisitive twins are remarkable pioneers, harnessing their vigour to initiate unique creative initiatives.

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