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Easy, Delicious, Chickpea Dish Ideas

Dilly Chickpea Salad Sandwiches

These chickpea salad sandwiches are tastier than chicken salad and have a fraction of the fat and cholesterol. They're perfect for a lunch in the park.

Portobello and Chickpea Sheet-Pan Supper

This is a great meatless meal or side dish. Sheet-pan-roasted vegetables go great with it. Summer zucchini or squash and dressing herbs are our favorites. 

Garlic and Lemon Hummus

This bean dip is silky smooth and creamy and just requires five simple ingredients. It's easy to prepare and tastes great.

Sausage & Chickpea Skillet

This sausage and chickpea recipe is simple and quick, making it ideal for busy weeknights. It requires few ingredients and can be thrown together fast.


Potluck Antipasto Pasta Salad

When it comes to pasta salad, this Italian version is the best I've ever had. It's a filling side dish because it contains beans, cheese, sausage, and vegetables.

Garbanzo Bean Burgers

Absolutely delicious chickpea patties here. In comparison to a cheeseburger from a restaurant, I think I'd prefer one of these. They're fantastic.

Slow-Cooker Chickpea Tagine

. If you mix this recipe too much, the vegetables will become mushy. Shredded chicken or grilled fish can be added in the final 10 minutes of cooking.

Tomato-Chickpea Tortilla Stew

Healthy, filling, and family-friendly vegan tortilla soup! We love its hearty flavor. We like to vary the toppings each time. 

Couscous with Casablanca Chicken

North African-inspired spices to revamp the classic Italian comfort meal of risotto, and the result was just as satisfying as the creamy original.

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