Each Zodiac Sign Feels About Being Friends With Benefits


You are probably not prepared to be in a relationship in the first place because you don't invest in other people's needs.

You dislike sharing, which in a romantic setting comes seem as possessive.



You don't want to put in the effort necessary to maintain a relationship since you are accustomed to having friends with benefits.


Because you can't commit, your confidence in others has waned, and you engage in friendships with benefits.

Leo, you enjoy drawing attention to yourself. Having said that, you dislike being a simple buddy with advantages.



You profit from being friends with advantages because you can concentrate on reaching your objectives without worrying about maintaining a connection.

You are in a friendship with benefits because you don't want to experience the same level of heartbreak.


Because you don't like to get too close and you simply want someone around, you appreciate having a pal with advantages.


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